Super Curriculum
Curriculum for Excellence Super Curriculum
A specially designed super curriculum enables pupils to develop their potentials to the full.

Internationally-ranked universities require pupils not only to show superior academic results, but also to demonstrate competence in critical thinking, creativity, originality, teamwork, problem solving, independence, and commitment. Activities outside the academic curriculum facilitate the development of these vital skills.


The holistic education in Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou is based on our belief in the power of "Learning Beyond the Classroom". Our extracurricular activities provide opportunities for pupils to face new challenges, work with different people, and develop confidence, independence and self-esteem. Pupils at Wycombe Abbey School Hangzhou choose extracurricular activities to supplement their normal lessons and deepen their understanding and interest in their subjects in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Pupils also have the chance to take part in our "Super Curriculum".


In addition to Music, Art, Drama and Sport, pupils can undertake the internationally recognised Duke of Edinburgh's Award, and participate in the Model United Nations, Mathematics Challenge and World Scholars Cup. The school offers many academic and cultural enrichment opportunities including Digital Art, TedX, Robotics, the School Newspaper, Photography using the School's own dark room) and Dance.


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is an internationally renowned programme aiming to help teenagers develop vital life skills. All Wycombe Abbey School students have the opportunity to take part in this training, which develops their all-round competence.


These extracurricular activities are of great benefit in enhancing the students’ applications to leading universities and in their future job applications. Our "Super Curriculum" helps students to develop strength of character, independence and a belief in their own unique personality, thereby enabling them to face an increasingly uncertain future with great flexibility and confidence.