University Application
Curriculum for Excellence University Application
Wycombe Abbey Schools do everything we can to prepare pupils for university. The Head of Sixth Form, Head of US Applications, Housemasters and Tutors work closely with the pupils in helping them select the courses best suited to their ability and interests.

At Wycombe Abbey Schools we teach A-Levels, which are among the most highly respected academic courses anywhere in the world; the depth and rigour of all subjects at A-Level are extremely well-regarded by universities around the world in their consideration of student applications.



Discussion about University applications begins in Year 11. However, Year 12 is a key period for university applications, a time when pupils should start undertaking their own research. At the same time, they should also be preparing for their IELTS, TOEFL, SAT or ACT.



We offer trips to a number of overseas universities and we strongly recommend that pupils participate, as it helps them to develop a much clearer understanding of which university to choose and to adjust their goals accordingly.


It is expected that all pupils at the School will enter universities overseas, with the majority going to the UK and the US. The School gives guidance and support for the application process and advice on the type of degree courses available.


We believe that for each pupil, the best school is the one that personally suits him or her. Internal assessments, reports, school examinations, IELTS (or equivalent) and IGCSE results all give a clear indication of a pupil’s progress and potential, and this is the basis on which we  give our pupils our best advice on their future studies.


In recent years pupils from the School have been offered places at leading universities around the world including Cambridge, Imperial, LSE, Edinburgh, Warwick and NYU. We are delighted with the outstanding success of our A-Level students in their applications to these and similar universities around the world.